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Whether you are a patient, parent, or dental healthcare professional, These books can serve as your blueprint to achieving a beautiful and healthy smile. Don’t miss these trusted resources!

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Everyone wants a great smile, but many patients are reluctant to talk to their dentists about their needs. They may fear a high-pressure sales pitch for expensive dental work or their own lack of understanding about the cost and impact of cosmetic procedures. They may be frightened of having dental work done and unsure about the possibility of sedation or pain relief. Worst of all, patients may receive conflicting information from their own dentists that cause them anxiety in seeking cosmetic dental help. With so much conflicting information out there about cosmetic dentistry, where do you turn for the facts?

In these books, Dr. Silverstrom reveals how his blend of art and technology will revitalize your smile, improve your bite and make you look years younger. Using advanced cosmetic and physiologic based dentistry techniques, he shows how he can design your future smile and outlines the science and sculpturing that give you the smile you’ve always dream about.
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