Same Day Computerized Dentistry Saves Time & Money

Your Time is Precious. Don’t You Deserve More Of It?

Why wait to look your best? The Silverstrom Group recognizes that our lives are hectic. Between work, home life, socializing, and constantly being connected to our gadgets, the amount of solo “me" time dwindles. That’s why we offer one-visit dentistry and appointments on Saturdays, evenings, and early mornings for your dental care needs. Restorations today don’t have to take multiple visits. Our time-saving computerized dental restoration milling machine utilizes the latest in imaging and design technology to recreate teeth that are extremely durable and natural in appearance. The entire process can be accomplished within an hour or two. We offer same day dentistry and same day dental work with dental implants, porcelian veneers, teeth cleanings, and more. Learn more about our same-day dentistry options:

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In-House Laboratory

At The Silverstrom Group, our onsite laboratory always has allowed us to control the quality, cost, and production time of our ceramic dental products. Our same day dentistry offers a computerized dental restoration milling machine that enables us to provide our patients with the most convenient dental experience possible. The system allows our dentists to custom craft metal-free ceramic onlays, crowns, and veneers of the highest quality while you wait. Our dentists input precise specifications into a computer, and the machine mills beautiful, durable restorations in a matter of minutes. The total time of treatment for a single restoration may be as little as an hour. You have new teeth while saving time and money, without the frustration of having to make multiple office visits.

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