“Gone are the days when a smile makeover required multiple appointments. Innovation in digital dentistry offers a variety of changes in how we do things today. The following steps will explain how one simple day will give you a whole life of smiles.”
Step 1:
If you are looking to gain confidence and change the look of your teeth, your doctor will prepare a smile consultation. Once you and your doctor have determined that crowns/veneers are a good choice for you, tooth preparation will take place.
Step 2:
Remember the old way of making crowns involved those nasty, slimy molds that make about everyone gag? A registered dental assistant will use a highprecision camera to take digital images of your teeth.
Step 3:
What we like to call second to the best part of your day… Your Time! Relax in our meditation room or watch Netflix.
Step 4:
While you are enjoying your time relaxing the experienced dental team is creating your new smile.
Step 5:
Once the teeth are designed they will be milled from Porcelain Blocks. A master ceramist will add stain and glaze to characterize your restoration.
Step 6:
Best part of your day. Your new smile is delivered to you by your doctor.
“The fact that if would be done in one day and I didn’t have to take extra time from my busy schedule was very attractive to me.” – Jill S.
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